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ESP celebrates fifth forum

The East Suffolk Partnership celebrated its fifth annual Forum today (Friday 10 November) with over 200 people attending the fully booked event at Trinity Park, Bucklesham.

This year’s theme “Unlocking the potential of growth in east Suffolk” focused on the idea of “inclusive growth”. Inclusive growth is an important for promoting economic growth for the benefit of everyone - and we explored how to deliver economic growth while improving local services, supporting communities and protecting the environment.

The important annual event offered excellent networking opportunities and gave delegates the chance to participate in a collaborative approach to working in east Suffolk. Through a programme of presentations, workshops and seminars delegates examined how individuals and communities in East Suffolk can connect to, and feel the benefits from, economic growth.

The East Suffolk Partnership (ESP) attracts people from local communities, voluntary organisations, public services, businesses and local government and encourages them to work together for the benefit of east Suffolk.

The programme reflected the key issues important to the ESP:

  • Our people – healthy and resilient individuals
  • Our environment – maximising natural capital
  • Our places – resilient communities and businesses

The event was once again supported by the East of England LGA.

The key note speaker for this year’s forum was Minnie Moll, Joint Chief Executive of the East of England Co-operative & HRH Prince Charles’ Ambassador for Responsible Business in the East of England.

Minnie shared her perspective on how a thriving business not only turns a profit and contributes to economic growth, but can also play its part supporting essential local services, individuals and communities.

Ray Herring, Chairman of the East Suffolk Partnership, said: “This year has been our busiest forum yet, offering us a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and build on the proud record of collaboration we have here in East Suffolk.

“The forum is vital in bringing key people, partners and organisations together to not only reflect on the past year, but look ahead to the future of a rapidly changing east Suffolk.

“We know that with support, local people are often best placed to find innovative solutions to local issues and anticipate that discussions from today will go on to shape how we approach local priorities here for many years to come.”

The East Suffolk Partnership (ESP) is a voluntary arrangement that attracts organisations from the public, business, community and voluntary sectors to work together for the benefit of East Suffolk. The ESP is aligned with the district boundaries of Suffolk Coastal and Waveney and operates at a level which enables strategic decisions that affect East Suffolk and also drive delivery of projects and initiatives at a relatively local level.

To help make sense of the interconnected agendas of public sector reform, growth, and localism the ESP commissioned the East Suffolk Profile and  has identified an number of major goals in the following three areas:

  • Our People – Healthy and Resilient Individuals
  • Our Environment – Maximising Natural Capital
  • Our Places - Resilient Communities and Businesses

To deliver on its goals the ESP Board oversees a rolling programme of work focused on specific issues. Detailed work to deliver the outcomes is coordinated through a work programme managed by the ESP Programme Officer Group between meetings of the Board.

The ESP has a key role to influence and change the way resources are allocated within East Suffolk. Increasingly the ESP is also taking a more proactive role in drawing additional funding into East Suffolk: from the relatively small amounts that the members of the East Suffolk Resource Network can help local communities groups to access, through to significant amounts that the ESP is well placed to attract as an established partnership with good networks.

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