Welcome to the East Suffolk Partnership

HOLD THE DATE: 10th November 2017

East Suffolk Partnership fifth Annual Forum at Trinity park Conference centre.

The aim of the conference is to build better partnership working in east Suffolk and give delegates the opportunity to meet members of the East Suffolk Partnership Board and participate in developing a collaborative approach to working across east Suffolk. 

The East Suffolk Partnership (ESP) came into being on 1 April 2012 after a review of the Suffolk Coastal and Waveney Local Strategic Partnerships recognised the benefit of working together across East Suffolk.

The ESP is a non statutory, non executive organisation that brings together organisations from the public, business, community and voluntary sectors to support each other and work together to achieve common priorities. The ESP operates at a level which enables strategic decisions that affect East Suffolk and also drive delivery of projects and initiatives at a relatively local level. The ESP is aligned with the district boundaries of Suffolk Coastal and Waveney.

To help make sense of the interconnected agendas of public sector reform, growth, and localism the ESP commissioned a State of East Suffolk report along with more in depth intelligence gathering and discussions on the key issues in the reports. As a result the ESP has identified the following five key areas that represent their primary business although many of the underlying issues are interconnected and demand a collaborative approach to address them successfully.

  • Build on economic prosperity, growth and infrastructure development
  • Ensure people have the skills to meet employment opportunities
  • Encourage a growing, ageing population to live well
  • Build strong communities and reduce inequalities in health, housing, and crime
  • Improve lives through environmental action

To deliver on its priorities the ESP Board oversees a rolling programme of work focused on specific issues. Detailed work to deliver the outcomes is coordinated through a work programme managed by the ESP Programme Officer Group between meetings of the Board.

The ESP has a key role to influence and change the way resources are allocated within East Suffolk. Increasingly the ESP is also taking a more proactive role in drawing additional funding into East Suffolk: from the relatively small amounts that the East Suffolk Resource Network can help local communities groups to access, through to significant amounts that the ESP is well placed to attract as an established partnership with good networks.


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