10 November 2017 (9am – 1pm followed by lunch), Trinity Park Conference Centre

Plan for 200 delegates

Unlocking the potential of growth locally

The concept of inclusive growth is gaining momentum – but what is ‘inclusive growth’ and why does it matter?

At its core inclusive growth advocates economic growth that benefits everyone - and we will explore how to deliver economic growth whilst improving essential local services, supporting communities and protecting the environment. 

This year’s Forum will reflect the key issues important to the ESP:

  • Our people – healthy and resilient individuals
  • Our environment – maximising natural capital
  • Our places – resilient communities and businesses

This important annual event offers excellent networking opportunities and will give you the opportunity to participate in a collaborative approach to working in East Suffolk.  Through a programme of presentations, workshops and seminars delegates will examine how individuals and communities in East Suffolk can connect to, and feel the benefits from, economic growth.

Booking is essential and can be made online.