Major Goals

East Suffolk Partnership Vision - ‘Our people are healthy, our communities thrive, our businesses grow and our environment is valued.’

During the lifetime of its Strategic Business Plan, the East Suffolk Partnership  will focus its effort on ensuring that growth in East Suffolk is inclusive and takes account of the wider determinants of health like planning, housing, leisure and open spaces.

Our People – Healthy and Resilient Individuals

  • Support residents of East Suffolk to raise their aspirations and access relevant adult learning, work, education or training opportunities.
  • Promote the importance of families in supporting young people to achieve increased health, wellbeing, life skills and resilience, including financial sustainability.
  • Increase community and business support for people (and their families/carers) with health challenges such as dementia, poor mental health and long term conditions.
  • Encourage self-help and more physical and social activity that reduces social isolation and loneliness and promotes healthy ageing.
  • Support the most vulnerable individuals, families and communities by identifying and responding to ‘hidden needs’ including  rural inequalities  and tackling threats and risks to community safety.

Our Environment – Maximising Natural Capital

  • Connect key organisations, individuals and communities together through community action to support a greener economy whilst sustaining and improving the environment of East Suffolk.
  • Encourage the growth of sustainable tourism which values and, where possible, improves the natural environment and supports a commercial all year round tourism package for East Suffolk.
  • Promote the use of community assets, including community buildings and open spaces, to improve the environment and biodiversity while delivering local solutions to local needs. 
  • Maximise the health and wellbeing benefits of access to the natural environment and natural assets.

Our Places - Resilient Communities and Businesses

  • Enable people to make positive differences for themselves, their families and their communities through effective, joined up support to frontline voluntary and community groups.
  • Increase the social and economic benefit of volunteering by increasing the range of volunteering opportunities, reducing barriers to volunteering and encouraging more young volunteers.
  • Share learning from place-based work, including in our market towns, that brings partners from across sectors together to test new ways to achieve shared priorities and build strong, economically viable and distinctive places
  • Support a vibrant business ecosystem by working with the independent place based organisations and groups who work for, support and provide services for the benefit of the business community.