Hidden needs

In September 2016 a report was prepared for the ESP Board that summarises the findings, conclusions and/or recommendations of a number of different reports relating to poverty, social mobility, groups at risk of disadvantage, rural deprivation, rural services and hidden needs in Suffolk/East Suffolk. The purpose of the report was to stimulate a conversation about what additional activity would help to address the issues identified and priorities for delivery under the umbrella of the East Suffolk Partnership over the coming 12 months.

Whilst the report identifies a number of challenges across the locality, much of this is not new information and significant work is already underway (and planned) through different organisations and partnerships, including the ESP, to address the issues.

Therefore the East Suffolk Partnership has developed a series of maps to illustrate where they may still be ‘Hidden needs’ in East Suffolk to help inform decisions where the partnership should focus its attention and resources.

The maps can be viewed here:

* Please credit East Suffolk Partnership if you use this material.