ESP Annual Forum

The East Suffolk Partnership (ESP) recognises that with support, local people are often best placed to find innovative solutions to local problems. This is because local people know best about what’s needed to make their communities a more vibrant and pleasant place to live and work.

The Annual Forum seeks to promote creative approaches to tackle local priorities more efficiently and effectively together - through a dynamic partnership between citizens, the wider public sector, the voluntary and business sectors, and local government across east Suffolk.

Each year the programme reflects the key issues of most importance to the ESP:

  • Build on economic prosperity, growth and infrastructure development
  • Ensure people have the skills to meet employment opportunities
  • Encourage a growing, ageing population to be healthy and live well
  • Build strong communities and reduce inequalities in health, housing, and crime
  • Improve lives through environmental action

Delegates are drawn from local communities and businesses, voluntary organisations, the private sector, local authorities and other local public sector organisations, town and parish councils, young people, faith groups, housing and healthcare professionals, Police, older people’s representatives and many other local organisations.

The Programmes vary but generally include:

  • Introduction with an update from the Chairman and speakers to challenge delegates thinking and promote lively discussion in the workshops.
  • Workshops to promote facilitated group activity to explore innovative ways for communities and individuals in east Suffolk to address significant issues that are best tackled together.
  • Seminars delivered with a particular focus on shining examples of innovative ideas and approaches from east Suffolk and elsewhere.
  • A ‘market place’ for local businesses and organisations to set up stall

The Forum offers an excellent networking opportunity for representatives of businesses and organisations with a stake in east Suffolk.

If you would like to register you interest in attending the next Annual Forum contact